June 12, 2014

BFF Questions with Anna from Banana and Bear

Hello, we are doing a BFF question thingy today! I'm with Anna from Banana and Bear!  Enjoy!
Joy is Pink Text and I (Anna) am this pretty blue text which is better than pink text.
Haha, very funny… -.-
Lol, jk ;) xD
So, we are going to answer these questions.  
This is un-important text that is both of us.  ;P
So here are the questions:
1. How and when did you meet?
 We met at the best place possible…a yardsale! xD
Yep, my family was having a yardsale and all of a sudden my little sister speeds into the kitchen yelling, "ANNA!  THE NEW NEIGHBORS ARE HERE AND THERE IS A GIRL YOUR AGE!"
And then we were just kinda like, "um, Hi…"  but then we got to be BFFs <3
2. What's your favorite memory together? 
Mmmmm… I have to say my favorite (or at least one of them) would be when we went shopping for fabric to make pajamas, it was Christmas time and we went to the mall with Joy's mom and we were going kinda crazy ;)  And it was supposed to be the first snow of the season that day so we were all excited! xD
Hmmm….I have a lot of great memories, but the best one's would have to be laughing crazily at nothing in particular. xD
^ oh yea, we do that a lot, always fun xD ^

3. Describe each other in one word. 
How can I do it on one word…  D:  The one word would be AWESOME!! (Funny, cool, pretty, amazing…etc)
4. What's the other one's dream job? 
I think Joy wants to be an author, a photographer, and/or a fashion designer…did I get that right?
^ Ding, ding ,ding!!! An Author or a fashion designer! :D
Anna's wants to be an author, photographer, and actress. (Right?)
^YES!  :D  Correct! ;) ^
5. What's the other one's favorite piece of jewelry to wear?
Hmmmm… I think Joy's would be one of her pairs of earrings…maybe the pretty silver hoops?  She wears those a lot ;)
^ Yes i do love my hoops! xD I also like necklaces! :D
I would have to say for Anna necklaces! :D
^YES!  Cause bracelets get in the way and earrings hurt when I change them ^-^ 
6. What is something that annoys you about the other person? 
Hmmm. nothing, really ;)
What kind of question is that?!?!? Definitely nothing! ^-^
7. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why? 
I think Hawaii or Europe would be fun! :)  

^Yes that or maybe Paris to shop and see the cool things there! :D 
^You had me at "shop" xD
8. Favorite inside joke?
We don't really have one but we laugh at random things anyway… we like quoting funny movie quotes though xD

9. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
I am probably guilty there…. xD

^Haha, sorry, but I have to agree! Though, my bro's take longer than me, most of the times, too! xD
^ LOL xD
10. Other one's Favorite season? 
I think Joy's would be spring or summer…or winter?…

^Yep, spring or fall, but I love swimming in the summer, so they are kinda tied! :P
Anna's would be spring or fall?
^YES!  Fall!  Although I love Summer too <3 :)
11. Other one's Favorite song? 
She doesn't really have one… but she likes "I'm on Top of the World", "Radioactive", and… Let it Go!…  I think… ;)
^ Yeah, I have too many favorite songs to actually have a favorite, but those are some of my favorites! ;)
Erm….I think Anna likes a lot of different songs, but she does like One direction a lot! :D
^ Yep yep yep ^_^
12. What is your friend's favorite kind of candy?. 
Joy loves Butterfingers!  And twizzlers…and most candy xD :P

^ Lol! I LOVE butterfingers, but I can't have them because of braces. :( 
Anna's would have to be anything sour!
^Yes, I LOVE sour things!  Especially sour patch <3 ^-^ lol13. Heels or flats? 
I think Joy would prefer shoes with a little bit of a heel… but not too high xD
^Yeah, I would say flats, but you got it at not to high heels! Like boots and stuff! :D
I would say Anna would prefer flats.
^YES! :D  I tried heels once and almost broke my ankle xD
14. Pants or dresses? 
Hmmmm… Joy wears pants a lot, but she likes dresses for dressy occasions…I guess she would prefer pants cause they are more comfortable and you can wear them for anything ;)
^ You took the words right out of my mouth! :D
I would have to say the same for Anna, though! (Right?)
^ Yes, I do like pants better as far as being comfortable ;)  Sorry to steal your words, here they are:
*gives back words*
There ya go. :)
^Lol, thanks, I guess! xD
15. Favorite animal? 
Joy's is a horse!  And she also loves cats, especially her cat, Monique, who does NOT like me xD  Cause one time I sprayed her with a spray bottle of water…kinda by accident xD
^Yeah, she still doesn't forgive you.. xD
Anna's is definitely a dog!!!!! :D
^ YES!
16. If your house was burning down, and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save and why? 
Hmmm… Well, if Joy's family was save (and I am including her cat), then I think she would try and grab her bible and her camera and her computer cause she has all her pictures and stories and such on there.  Or her notebook that she writes her stories down in :)

^Yeah, probably, though I don't have a laptop so carrying an actual computer down would be hard! xD
Anna would try to save her Harry Potter books, the laptop we are writing on, her violin, and camera.
^ Yep! :)
17. Comedy, horror, or chick-flick? 
I think Joy would do a Comdey Chick-Flick…definitely not horror -_-
^Yeah, I think Anna would like the same thing, though maybe more comedy than chick-flick.
^ Yep ;)
18. Blackberry or iPhone? 
I think Joy would prefer an iPhone though she wouldn't really care ;)

^Yea, I don't care, but probably an iPhone. I would say an iPhone for Anna, too!
^Yes :D
19. Favorite movie? 
Joy's I think is Frozen or the Lego Movie! :) 

^Yeah, I love Frozen and The Lego Movie!  
For Anna, probably Frozen or the Harry Potter series.
20. What is something weird that you eat? 
"Hmmm… well Joy loves avocado, and not a whole lotta people like that ;)
Anna loves avocado, too!!!  Yay, we share a favorite weird food! :P
^Yay! :D
21. Do you guys have a personality trait in common? 
We are both AWESOME! Lol jk… I mean we are…but…whatever…anyway…We are both kinda easy-going, humorous, optimistic…we both kinda like believe the best about people too ;)
^I agree! :) <3
22. What's your favorite TV show?
Joy's would be Once Upon a Time which I need to watch ^-^

^Exactly!! And yes, you HAVE to watch it! xD
Anna's would have to be Doctor Who!
^YES!  Although I really don't watch a whole lot of tv ;)

So yes, hope you enjoyed that ;)  We did not cheat, promise :)  
And make sure to check out Anna's blog, Banana and Bear! :)
And it's my Birthday!!! I am 14!  Wow!  YAY! :D <3 
Yay!!! HAPPY B-day BFF!!! :) <3 :D  (Other peeps, check my post below this for something! NOT YOU ANNA!!!)
WHY NOT?  I WANT TO SEE IT NOW!!!! :D :D :D Please? *puppy eyes*
No.  xD Because you'll spoil something! xD
A surprise! You can check tonight! :P
But you already gave me my present…
Just wait and stop asking, BFF! PLEASE!! xD
Fine.  Lol ;) xD 
OK!  See ya'll later! :D :D :D 
-Anna <3
Us: :) 

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