June 29, 2014

Grad Par-tay!

Yesterday, my family hosted John and Michael's (My older brothers) graduation party!  
    All week we had to cook and prep for the party!  It was exhausting, but fun, too, making the food.  I made TONS of cupcakes.  Well, not tons, but more like 60.  36 of them were chocolate with a little brownie bite in the center!  The other  24 were cookies and creme! Yum!
For a few minutes there was just one family at the party when it started! :o  Then, people started flooding in!  It was a little chaotic!  I get overwhelmed at big party's! :P  Finally, one of my bestest friends (her name is Kelsey) came.  We took the food we wanted and escaped the noisy area upstairs. :D  It was so quiet and nice! :P  My younger brother, Ben, came up soon, too.  Then, Kelsey's younger sis, and older brother came up.  John and Michael had to stay downstairs with their guests, obviously.  
After we ate, we went outside and played ping pong!  It was sooo fun!  :D  It was Ben and I vs. Kelsey and her bro.  Ben and I won!  Then we played Chinese Firehouse, or something like that, which is super fun!  (It's another ping pong game.)  
After a few rounds, maybe an hour or so, Ben and I had to take care of two family's dogs.  When we came back,  most of the guests had left, including Kelsey. :(  Her bro was staying over a few more hours though.  Kelsey could have stayed over longer, too, but, I heard she was exhausted from staying up late the other night. :P
All in all, it was a great day! :)



  1. Sounds fun!!!!:D:D:D I could imagine the craziness!