July 15, 2014

Sunshine Award

Thanks to my awesome friend, Anna, for nominating me for the Sunshine Award!  Click HERE to see her blog!  (I don't think I'll be doing anymore award posts for a while because I've been doing a lot!)

*Thank the person who nominated you
*Answer the questions the person who nominated you asked.
*Nominate other bloggers
*Question the people you nominated
*Tell them that you nominated them

Favorite color?
Hot Pink!
Favorite kind of desert?
That's hard because I love, pretty much, all deserts.  I would have to pick gooey chocolate chip cookies!  (Now that's making em hungry...)
Favorite Holiday?
Christmas!  (Not because of all the presents, though that's part of it.)
Favorite Book Series?
There is the Merchant's Daughter and other books that follow that and there is also High Hurdles!  It's a good girl book with horses in it!
Favorite Animal?
Favorite Book Genre?
Fiction/Medieval Fantasy.
Reading or Writing?
If I have a really good writing prompt and can get it out of my head onto paper, then writing! :P
Popcicles or Ice Cream?
Ice cream all the way.
Pizza or Cupcakes?
Crayons or Pencils?
Roses or Daisies?
Sleeping or Thinking?
Hmmm, sleeping is more fun than thinking 'cause I can dream about different story ideas and all, so sleeping. :P
Favorite place to vacation?
The beach! :D
Singing or Dancing?
Singing! :D

My Questions:

Favorite quote from a movie?

Favorite breed of dog?

Would you rather sit in a meeting all day or be bored the whole day?

Sleep for only 6 minutes one night or sleep for a whole month without knowing it?

Eat chips for breakfast or oatmeal for dinner?

Have soda in your cereal or orange juice in your soup?

Laptop or PC?

If you could open only one present would you open the biggest present or the smallest present?

Guitar or Piano?

Which color do you like the best: black or white?

Would you rather ride a cow or camel?

And I nominate.....


(I nominated a lot of others on my liebster award one...) :P

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