July 3, 2014


Good day, all!
I have some really, REALLY exciting news to share!  I bought a violin!!!!! :D
My mom said that if I practiced and became good at playing either the piano or guitar, I could buy a violin!  So, I took up guitar and saved up my money and I bought what I've wanted for years!!! :D  I'm soo excited!  Here is a pic!

Well, I'm gonna tune my violin and get started on learning how to play it! :D  
See y'all later!



  1. REALLY!?!?!?! THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I hope you like playing it!!!

    1. Yeah!!! I'm liking it so far! :) I can't wait till I can actually play songs! :P

  2. Cool! as a Violist I love seeing the enthusiasm from people when they get a new instrument XD... you could take up viola as well :P it's really fun, but Violin can sound so so pretty! I'm so happy for you
    ~Mrs Brandon (Evie)