August 15, 2014

2 Book Reviews

Good evening everyone!
I am going to write my very first book review!  I'm reviewing 2 of my favorite medieval books:
 Princess Academy and, the sequel, Princess Academy: Palace of Stone!
I will do my best to make this helpful and fun!

Princess Academy  

By Shannon Hale

(Sorry for the bad quality)
This is one of my favorite and first really good and well written medieval book that I've read!
Genre: Fantasy
Romance: Nothing really.
How I like it & a bit about the book:
It's really awesome if you love medieval books!  The title might sound like it's for younger girls, but you know the saying: Don't judge a book by its cover!
Miri gets to find herself, even in an unexpected way.  There are a lot of plot twists, which makes you get engrossed in the story.  It's really fun to see the story unravel.
Shannon Hale describes the characters and places very well.  The way the teacher makes harsh punishments and the girls work together at some point (Not saying anything else...) you get emotionally attached to the story. 
The book is pretty thick, 314 pages to be exact, which is awesome because after you start reading it, you'll never want to put it down!  (That is, if you like medieval book and reading, in general.)  On the top of each new chapter there is a short poem that kind of describes the chapter, in a way.
You see on the cover that it has won a award and it has definitely deserved it!
(If you are looking at buying the book, the cover as changed to an updated look.)

Princess Academy: Palace of Stone

By Shannon Hale

Genre: Fantasy

Romance: There is some, like kissing, but not bad.

This is not a stand-alone book! ;)

||Synopsis.|| -->
This has some spoilers from the first book. 

How I like it & a bit about the book:
So, one day, I was looking for medieval books online, because I really wanted a new one, and decided to google Shannon Hale just to see if she had other books.  I almost squealed with delight when I found out she wrote a sequel to the Princess Academy
I like how Shannon Hale describes the places and people in Miri's eyes, like I said in the first book review.  She does it in a way that makes you feel like you're there with Miri.
There are a few different stories within the book and it's fun to decipher each one.  I personally think one of the intense fighting scenes at the end of the book ends too easily, but that doesn't make the book any less great!

I hope this helped!  I tried not to spoil anything, but it's kinda hard not to without doing a review, so if my review is kinda bad, sorry about that! xD



  1. NEAT!!!!!!:D I'm about to read the Princess Academy I'm VERY glad they have a sequel!!!!:D

  2. I love these books! I was actually just about to do a review on them... lol. I guess great minds think alike. ;)