October 3, 2014

DIY Chalkboard

Today, I'm gonna show you how to make a chalkboard out of a cheap picture frame! 
I'm going to go through how I decorated mine, too, but you can decorate yours however you want. ;)

What you will need:

A cheap picture frame, chalkboard paint, a primer that will work on glass, and decor for the frame.
1.  Take out the glass from the frame.

 2.  Prime the glass.  I used a spray paint primer.

3.  While the primer drys (An hour, at least, to be safe)  paint your frame!  I used fall colors and painted it on the frame with a sponge brush.

4.  Let the paint dry.

5.  Once the primer is dry and the paint on your frame is drying, paint your first coat of chalkboard paint.  Try to make it as smooth as possible.

6.  While that dried, glue a ribbon around the edges of the frame.  Wait until the glue drys to cut the extra ribbon off.

7.  Wait until the glue drys then cut the extra ribbon off.

8.  Glue the buttons together.

9.  Then, glue them around the frame.

It will look like this! :)

 10.  While all that drys, paint a second coat of chalkboard paint on your glass on a different side, meaning vertically instead of horizontally or vice versa.  Make sure the first coat is fully dry before you paint a second one, though!

Repeat steps 5 and 10 again for another 2 coats of paint.

11.  Cut some ribbon and tie it into a small bow.

 12.  Trim the extra ribbon.  Repeat step 11 and step 12.

 13.  Glue a ribbon in the middle of the top and bottom of the frame.

 It will look like this!  You are now finished decorating the frame.  :D

You are now done! Put the glass in the frame and voila! 
These are great gifts and very fun to make!  (At least for me it was)


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