October 10, 2014

Dried Roses

Hey there!

I LOVE dried roses.  They are really pretty and they don't wilt or anything.  For those of you who don't know how to dry a rose, I will show you! :)

1. Pick a rose.  You can use one that is just starting to wilt if you want.

2.  Tie a knot with a rubber band around a cabinet handle like below.

 3.  Take your rose and flip it upside down.

 4.  Tie the rubber band around the rose like below.  (Put the rubber band over the stem, twist and flip it over again, and so on.)

 Do that until the rose won't fall out when you let go.

5.  Now you wait a few days until the rose drys out!

Here is my dried rose!

 Here is a red rose that I dried as well.



  1. SOOOOO COOL!!!!!:D I LOVE roses and hate it when they wilt great DIY tip!;) So going to try that soon!

    A Southern Girl's Life

    1. Thanks, Hannah! Yeah, I don't like it when they wilt either.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, June. Glad you like it! :)