November 30, 2014

My Nutcracker Collection

'Ello all!

I have a nutcracker collection that I've had for awhile now.  Here's a little story of how I started collecting them.
When I was in elementary school, my music teacher had a HUGE collection of nutcrackers in the music room.  She had giant ones and tiny ones all around; on top of shelves, on the ground, or anywhere else where she could squeeze them in (that's how many she had!).  It made me want to collect them.  She would tell us stories about some of them and why she started collecting (which I've forgotten now).
One day, my family was at a friend's winter party and one of the teens had a few nutcrackers.  I admired all of their little intricate designs.  She saw me staring at them and asked if I liked nutcrackers.  I said that I wanted to start collecting them, but didn't have one yet.  She, then, decided to give me one of hers.
I told my parents this and every winter since then, my parents have let me pick out one to add to my collection.

Here is my collection to date!

The one on the left was the one I was given to start my collection.  The one on the right I won at some game in music class.

Christmas 2008.  My brother picked these out as a gift for me.
Christmas 2009
Christmas 2010.  One of my favorites!
Christmas 2011.  The one on the left plays music when you twist the thingamajig on the bottom.  The left is one that my mom made me.  (it was just wooden with only a face.)
Christmas 2012.  My parents found this one for me.  It's unique and my parents love playing golf! 
Christmas 2013.  My other favorite one!
Christmas 2014.  Another golf one that my mom found, but the other one I picked out because I liked that the eyebrows and mustache were raised instead of flat!
 That's my whole collection so far!
Do you collect anything?



  1. Cool collection! I collected bottle caps and state coins! X
    - June

    1. Thanks, June! Ooh, that's cool! :D

  2. That's so cool!

    A Southern Girls Life