February 15, 2015

Old Cameras

Hello wonderful people!

Around a week ago my dad came home from a trip to Florida. He was helping my grandmother go through stuff at her house since she is going to be moving closer to us! (Yay!)
My grandmother has a lot of stuff, so you never know what you may find.  Well, my dad found a few cool antique cameras! (Along with some other things, but not as cool as the cameras!)

Two old cameras with their cases

The cases off of them

This camera is my favorite! It was my great-grandfather's German camera! (No, he wasn't German. He just took pics there, I guess.) :P

This is an old camera bag.
Now, my dad (and brother now) are at Florida again to help her more. (And find cool antique things!) :D


  1. Oh my gosh, I love old things!
    Do they still take pictures?

    1. Me too!
      They can, but we don't have any film. ;)