May 20, 2015

The Spell

    The spell was getting stronger. It climbed each stair within a minute instead of a day. Ivanna tried touching the turquoise glowing liquid again, but was thrown back by the shock wave. All the air was sucked out of her. She tried to breathe, but everything went dark and grainy. 
    "Much more powerful than before," Ivanna murmured when the haze faded. She took a deep breath and climbed the stairs to start collecting food in a handkerchief and fetch her dagger. 
    Somehow, she had to escape this cursed abode hidden in the mountain. No one ever ventured to come close to the home as there were old rumors that a witch lived there, so no help would come. She trembled with fear, not knowing if she would be alive tomorrow. Why had she have to be so curious?

    Ivanna had been the only one bold enough, thinking, Why would a witch harm me without knowing who I am first? She found the door and knocked without hesitating. No one answered. Something in the back of her head had said, You are brave for coming this far, why not see what's inside?  So, of course, she went through the door, surprised that it was unlocked. 
    Ivanna spent the night there. There had been all the food she could imagine for a poor girl and beautiful dresses instead of rags, but when she was about to leave the cozy home, she noticed the glowing substance blocking the way. 

    Now she was standing on the cliff's edge, the only exit point. It was so far from the ground that, even though there was water below, she would likely splat on impact, plus she didn't know how to swim. Ivanna looked down the hatch into the house and saw the liquid catching up to her. She didn't know what would happen if she was engulfed in it. Would it be a quick death or a painful one? Or maybe she would be frozen in time, never living, nor dying? She didn't like her chances if she jumped over the cliff either. Splatting or drowning in normal water didn't sound much more fun.   
    You are brave. She heard herself say. Bravery is what got me in this mess. She argued back. The spell was up to the hatch, now, spreading over the cliff. Ivanna panicked and, for the first time in her life, didn't know what to do. She felt every muscle want to jump off, but her mind seemed frozen. 
    You are fearless.
    Tears streamed down Ivanna's face as she screamed, plummeting down from the cliff.
To be continued....

Just a bit of writing I thought of. :) 
Hope you all have a great day! 


  1. OH MY WORD I LOVE THIS!!!! It's one of your best pieces!!! Hope there's more;)

    A Southern Girls Life

    1. Aww! Thanks so much Hannah! I'm gonna be continuing it! :)

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, Joy! I love it. Your writing style is amazing. <3

    1. Thanks Christine! That means so much to me! :) <3