July 14, 2015


Hey guys!

Have you seen this picture before?

I laugh at it every time. XD But seriously, my family is very competitive, so it basically looks like that. Haha!

Anywho, we were playing Clue (one of our favorite games) and I decided to show you how we play the game...at least sorta. My brothers don't want me to give away our strategies....

This is how the usual Clue sheet looks like.

That depth of field, doe...
We created our own that works for our strategy. xD

Random pics of the game:

I'm usually Ms. Peacock (the blue one). If you play, what about you?

Secrets, secrets...

My dad won this game. It was Mr. Plum with a dumbbell in the kitchen. XD

This was my sheet.
The strategy we use helps us know what cards people have without them showing us.  
The X's represent what the peoples' cards they don't have. The filled in areas are marking what cards they do have. The lines through some of the spaces represent what cards I have and the filled in circles on them say who saw that card of mine.

And that's just a little bit, but I'm not gonna bore you, so...

What's your favorite board game?
Are you really competitive?


  1. I love Clue! Here in Australia we call it Cluedo and my brother and I get so competitive.. it's funny but not funny :P
    I'm Miss P too most of the time and my bro is Proffessor Plumb. xD
    They should make an Agatha Christie one!

    1. Haha, that's great! xD
      Yes, that would be cool! :D