August 9, 2015

777 Tag

Hey guys!

Elly tagged me to do this 777 tag! 

Here are the rules:

*Share seven lines from the seventh page of one of your manuscripts

*Tag seven bloggers

Okay, I don't have a whole manuscript, but I've been working on a story for Hannah's writing contest (Btw, she let the contest go till the end of August so you still have time if you wanna join!), so here are the seven sentences from paragraph. (I don't exactly have seven paragraphs, not counting speech...)

Here it is:

I widened my eyes at the paper that looked like it should've been in a fortune cookie. She must’ve noticed because she hastily added, “Oh, hah, it’s not just paper. It’s magic…err…science. It’ll let you enter anyone’s dream!” Melaney showed us the paper.  Dream Catcher was spelled with silvery letters.

I'm going to tag:
Celia - CECE

And I just failed to follow every rule for this tag... oops...

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