December 13, 2015

Easy Christmas Present DIY

Greetings friends!

I haven't done the last to Daily Decembers because we have been packing and moving things to my grandmother's new apartment! Yesterday was the big moving day and it started at 9:30 and ended at 5:30. Phew, that was a big day. The weather was so nice though! 70 degrees in December!! What is this?!?

Anyway, today I shall share an easy diy and do today's Daily December.

What are we making?

DIY coasters!

What you will need:
A smooth tile

Rubbing alcohol


A little cup and eyedropper or something that will let you drip the alcohol

A sealer

Felt pads

1. Poor a little bit of rubbing alcohol into the cup and I suggest putting the tile onto a plate to protect the surface you are working on. Also, before you start, wash the tile.

2. Color the tile with sharpies however you want! I decided to go with wintery colors of blue.

3. Take the eyedropper or whatever you are using and drip the alcohol onto the tile. You can put however many drops you want, but I don't suggest a lot unless you want your sharpie markings to mesh together.

(Mine did mix a little)

You can tip your plate to let the alcohol drip to other sides if you put a lot on, like I did. You can also blow on it.

4. Wait for it to dry and drip some more if you want. I did this about 3 or 4 times.

5. When you have your tile how you want to to look, (btw, if you really don't like how yours turned out you can easily wipe the sharpie off by washing it.) take out your sealer and spray/paint over your tile, then let it dry.

I used this:

6. Put on the felt pads on each corner of your coaster...

...Voila, you finished your masterpiece!

Here are some others I've done:

Hope you enjoyed that DIY and had fun! There are soooo many options that you can do with these and they are fun presents to give away!


Today's Daily December is Winter Pinterest Roundup, so here are some of my faves:


So true...



The penguin is so cute!

Nail Art:

Well that was an extremely long post, but I hope you enjoyed it! Byyyyeee!!!


  1. OMG the Lord of the Rings/Elf crossover yesssss! Lol! Great post! <3

  2. Those coasters are so pretty! I might make some since my family's have mysteriously disappeared!

    1. Thanks Anna! Haha, hope you have fun making them! :)