December 1, 2015

QOTW / NaNo Is Over / Daily December #1


    I have endeavored NaNoWriMo this November and it has been fun, stressful, hard, but overall an amazing experience.

What helped me write were three main things: Music, family and friends, and my determination to finish with 50k. 

The music consisted of mostly piano music, sometimes Christmas music... a lot more piano music than this from the same artist...

I'm so grateful for my friends and family that have cheered me on and given me ideas when I was about to facedesk from being so stressed about word counts. I have endured late nights of writing and crazy days of trying to catch up from not making par days before.

My graph that shows that I've been barely keeping up, though I remember being about a week under par, which scared me, but I caught up...phew. You can see that was between days 11th & 16th.

I am happy to say that I made it to 50k. I feel so excited that I made it and the purple winner bar under my word count makes me happy and relieved.

I still have a couple chapters left to write (stress free 'cause NaNo is over!) 

Eek! It's bittersweet that NaNo is over, but I look forward to editing and formatting my book as an ebook later on!

    I am totally up for this challenge next year and I encourage other writers to do the same! It was an awesome month! Though, make sure you aren't stuffed full of things to do in November because it takes up a loooot of time.


Daily December #1 - December Goals

(Elly is hosting a December Daily challenge! Click here to check out what it is and how to do it.)

My goals for this month:

* Finish writing the draft of my book from NaNo
Because, like I said above, I still have a couple chapters to write left...AND I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF A TERRIBLE DEATH SCENE. *sniff*

*Start exercising again
I had been working out every day before and it felt great, but then NaNo hit and my world had basically revolved around it. I can't wait to jump back into it!

* Post more fun blog posts
Again, because of NaNo I haven't been posting a lot of fun blog posts, so hopefully I'll be doing more soon!

* Have fun of course!
Christmas is near, my brother's birthday is near, my birthday is near, Christmas parties are near, family and friend gatherings, overall, this month will be fun. :D

Hope you enjoyed this post and, wow, I can't believe it's December first already...

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