Past Contest Winners

(2015) 6 Word Story Contest:

Entrants had to write a 6 Word Story for three different pictures. 

The winners were...


 Here are the other entrants' stories!

(2014)Winter Writing Contest:

Entrants had to write a short story or a poem. They had from December 1 - 31st! 

The winner was....

Here are the others entrant's and their stories/poems! It was very hard to choose a winner!

(2014) Fill in the Blank Short Story Contest:

They had to fill in this part...
  "I'll race you!"  ____ challenged, already riding ahead on his/her horse.
    "You didn't even say 'go'!"  I laughed, chasing after him/her on ____, my flea bitten gray Arabian horse.  I assumed we were racing to the ____ because that was the direction we were headed.  I changed from a canter to a full on gallop, speeding ahead of ____ and his/her black tobiano Paint horse, ____.  I might be ____, but I'm very competitive.  
    I glanced back and saw that  ___'s eyes were wide open with an expression of shock.  I smirked back cockily because he/she was probably surprised that I had caught up so fast.  Then, I turned back around and realized it wasn't me ____ was shocked at.  I ____ in horror as I took in the whole picture.
...And write more after it.

The winner was....

Here were the other entrant's stories!  They are great too! :)