June 22, 2014

Happy Sunday and the DDD

G'day ladies and gents!

Happy Sunday!!  

I found this one christian song that I've been looking for!  I've heard it before, but didn't know what it was called!  I'm so happy I found it!!!!!!! :D
Here it is!  (Beware, it is really catchy) :P


Anywho, you are probably wondering what the DDD stands for.  Well, I'll tell you since you want to know sooooo bad. :P
Yesterday, my mom and I had to take care of a big dog for our friends.  Usually, my older brothers do the job [because the dog, Maikio (Idk how to spell his name :P ), is really big and all], but they were out of town with my dad and younger brother for white water rafting and such awesome-ness.   Back to the story, when we let Maikio out, he didn't want to play.  He's kinda stubborn and lazy. xD  He bumped into and drooled on us... a lot. :/    The next time we let him out (we had to let him out twice that evening), we ran with him.  He liked chasing us and then we would scare him and he would run away.  Though, after awhile, he would try to nip at us and would paw us.  He gave my mom a big scratch, just because he wanted to play some more and we didn't.  He doesn't know how powerful he is, I guess. :P  Then he drooled on us some more.  My pants were hairy and wet when we came home.  xD  Then, we had a different dog to let out and feed in our neighborhood, so my mom called this, "The Darn Dog Duty." Haha!

Enjoy!  Have a great Evening!

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