June 19, 2014

C. C. C. Writing Contest Pt. 4

Chapter 4

    "So, do you know these people?"  Nick whispered to Jessie who was sitting next to him at the dining table.   Jessie, Nick, Ava, and the three guards were quiet while they were eating, except for a few whispers here and there.   
    "No, but they think they know me."  Jessie whispered back.  
    "How's that?"  Nick looked more focused on his food at the moment.
    "I, supposedly, came from a different world and my 'real name' is Ilene."   Jessie still doubted that.
    Jessie poked at her food, but caught the words of the guard, Rayner, whispering to Ava, "She was a tiny baby back then, how do you know if Ilene is her?   He tilted his head ever so slightly at Jessie.
    "Do you not trust me, Captain?"  Ava asked aloud, surprised at the question.
    "Yes, I do.  Sorry, M'lady."  Rayner stood up and sauntered out.
    Jessie and Nick raised their eyebrows at each other, both shocked at the small dispute that just took place.  Ava shook her head, looking disappointed.  "Supper is over.  Everyone is dismissed."  Ava stood up.  "Nick and Ilene, I mean, Jessie, follow me."

    How many rooms does this base have?  It's more like a mansion.  Jessie thought as she sat down on a cushion in a living room.  Jessie, Nick, and Ava were spaced around a glass coffee table.  In the middle was a red, sheer vase filled with a few flowers that looked like silver lilies.  Those can't be real.  Jessie touched them, however, just to make sure.  She pulled her hand away, quickly, realizing they felt real.
    "Those are, indeed, lilies, as they call them here."  Ava smiled, reading her mind.  "And the silver is real!  In our land, we used to have fields of them!  Gold, silver, bronze, diamond, ruby and others.  It was so pretty."  Ava seemed to be in a haze.  "Anyway, I wanted to tell you about why we came here from our world, and to prove that you, Jessie, are actually Ilene."  She said snapping back to reality.  Jessie gulped, not sure if she was ready or wanting to hear the truth.  Nick, on the other hand, was ready for this "interesting" story.
There was, once, a land named Atrolia.  Ruled by the peacekeepers, King Tourel and Queen Finlyn, they've kept peace with the other lands for decades.  They have never needed guards or knights, so they stopped recruiting them.  More dropped out as they weren't required.  The captain of the knights, Kopor, didn't drop out, as he knew, if anyone wanted to take over Atrolia, the king wouldn't have enough knights to fight.  He secretly held training's for civilians to attend.  Kopor would make them hunt for food, as well as other different practices, so they wouldn't think they were unneeded and drop out.
    Suddenly, a month after all this, Carmay, the queen of another land near Atrolia, started attacking villages near the castle.  Carmay never liked keeping peace and enjoyed fighting.  She knew if she waited long enough there wouldn't be enough knights, in Atrolia, to fight her's.  The king and queen were terrified, but Kopor told them what he did.  He sent the trained civilians to battle, though there still weren't as many knights as Carmay's.  She and her men destroyed village after village, knight after knight.  The king's knights were diminishing fast, so the rest stayed at the castle.  
    During all this, Kopor's wife, Rayna, gave birth to a girl, named Ilene.  They were both captured, along with Avalon, Rayna's young sister, who was 14 years old at the time.  Carmay would use them for a trade, she hoped.  She captureed them because the queen and king didn't have a child and Kopor was their most trusted captain. 
    After she received approval to see King Tourel and Queen Finlyn, she told them her trade.  She would give Rayna, Ilene, and Avalon back if she could rule this land and Tourel and Finlyn would be banished.  If not that, then Carmay would take the captives and leave.
Before the king could answer, a knight ran in announcing the death of Kopor.  He had been trampled by horses protecting a little girl trying to catch her loose pet, that she adored.  When Rayna heard this, she fell apart.  She sobbed and managed to say that she would rather leave with Carmay than live here without Kopor, so the trade was set.  Carmay smirked, pulled out a small item and said that she never said where they would leave.  She threw the object on the ground and it turned into a portal.  She unlocked the cage and dragged the victims out.  Then she changed her mind saying that she would rather all of Atrolia die, instead.  She had planted a huge bomb in the center of Atrolia.  Carmay had meant for all this to happen.  Very quickly, Rayna, who could do any spell she wanted once in her life, put a saftey spell on Ilene.  Ilene would be immune from Carmay's power till she was 16.  Then, Rayna told Avalon to take Ilene and protect her and tell her everything that has happened.   They would have to defeat Carmay, so she wouldn't destroy the place where they were going.  Carmay had just went through the portal, so Avalon jumped in before it would disappear.
Walking through light and darkness, it was hard for Avalon to see where the portal was taking them.  Then, a big bounce made her lose hold of Ilene.  She was trying to find her through the flashes of light, but Carmay found her first.  She tried to kill her, but realized that she was under a spell.  Carmay took Ilene while Avalon was hiding, scared for Ilene's and her life.  
    "When we arrived at our destination, which was in a busy city, thankfully, Carmay didn't see me.  She went her own way and I ran through forest after forest until I found this.  You should have seen me, though!  I was jumping at the littlest things, like when people wearing hoodies bumped past me with things stuck in their ears, which I now know are called earbuds!  I thought it was some kind of mind control thing!"  Ava laughed as she finished her story.  "Oh, and somehow the knights came here too! They must've found another portal and came to help me defeat Carmay!  I'm glad because three against her wouldn't be a very happy ending."  Ava finished with one breath.
    "So, how does this tell me I'm Ilene?"  Jessie asked, still doubting the whole story. 
    "Well, on your sixteenth birthday your spell's time will be up.  Meaning you won't be protected.  After this happens, like with all spells, you will find a design or something on your arms somewhere!  Plus, I know when I've found the right girl!"  Ava said smiling.  
    "My sixteenth birthday is tomorrow."  Jessie chewed her lip.  If all of this really is true, she would have to help defeat an evil queen, who was her mom for fifteen years.  "So, you would be my aunt?"  I asked realizing this from the story.
    "Yep!"  Ava grinned.  "Well, I'll show you guys to your rooms.  You guys must be tired from your trek.  There are clean clothes in each of your rooms."
    "You knew I was coming too?"  Nick asked skeptically. 
    "We prepare for anything!"  Ava responded, laughing.  

    Jessie plopped down on her new bed.  Her bedroom was painted sky blue and decorated with green and white furniture.  It felt nice to be dressed in comfy pajamas again.  She went to sleep hoping this was all a dream and would wake up in her simple life once again, but that was not to be so.

    "Happy birthday!!"  Ava whispered in Jessie's face.  Jessie groaned, moving her pillow over her face.   "I have a present for you!  Wake up!!! Please!?"  Ava was shaking her now.  
    "Ugh... fine."  Jessie pushed herself to a sitting position, still blurry-eyed.  Ava laid something in her lap.  Jessie wiped her eyes and looked at what Ava gave her.  It was a black bow and arrow set with electric blue lines throughout the bow and the on the tips of the arrows.   
    "I made this!  It's an electric bow!  The arrows also have electricity in them!  Basically, the arrows fly farther, faster, and deal more damage!"  Ava grinned waiting for something.
    "Thanks, Ava. It's beautiful!"  Jessie was in awe of the complexity.  "Wait, you make weapons?" 
    "Yeah, that's my main job.  I do architect work as a side job."  
    "Mhm, cool."  Jessie said, still studying the bow.  Then she remembered.   Jessie quickly looked down her arms for a design and sure enough, on her right wrist, was a small circular design.  She gasped.  "I am Ilene!"
    Ava gave her an "I told you so" smile. "Ready to start training sessions?"     
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