July 27, 2014

The Frozen Award

I made this award pic! :D  Feel free to use it, but please give credit to me! Thanks! :)

I was nominated by Hannah for the Frozen Award!  She just made it and it sounds awesome! :D


*Answer your nominators questions
*Make your own  5 questions from Frozen for your nominees
* Nominate at least 2 people 
*Add your favorite Frozen quote and pic
Hilarious! xD

It's not really a quote from the movie, but I love this! :D

Hannah's Questions:

1: Who is your favorite Frozen character?
Elsa!  But I love Anna too!
2: If you had to have one of the Frozen characters as a sibling which one would it be?
Probably Anna because she would be fun to hang around and talk too!
3: Is there a part you would add or take away in Frozen? If so why?
Yeah, the troll song!  It's weird and kind of boring to watch. xD
4: What do you think is the scariest part in Frozen?
Hmm, the most intense part would be when Hans is about to kill Elsa.  That's kind of like scariest. :P
5: Some people say they should have had more parts with Olaf in it. Do you agree or disagree? If so why?
I think he has a good amount of time in the movie because the movie isn't about him, but I love that he is nonchalant and funny!

My Questions:

1. While watching the movie, did you think that Hans was good?
2. Would you rather hangout with Olaf or Sven?
3. Do you like Elsa's hair or dress better?
4. Are you closer to Olaf's, Anna's, or Elsa's personality?
5. Do you want a sequel to come out? Why or why not?  (Btw, I heard they are making one!!)

I nominate:


  1. Hi, Joy! I haven't watched Frozen, though I know it's talked about a lot.
    I was wondering, do you have a specific theme or schedule to your posts or are most of them random? Thanks!

    1. Most of my posts are random whenever I think of something good to post! ;)