July 27, 2014

A Small Review on my Summer Camp


So, we went to Lake Junaluska, somewhere in Asheville, 2 weeks ago.  The drive was long, but not boring!  The girls (There was a girl van and a guy van) played Heads Up and sang a few Frozen songs, which Mr. Bob, our driver, didn't like! xD  I will post a video below of a Heads Up game!

The activities that we had were
*Rec Day - Dodgeball, Soccer with a football, slip and slide relay, clip tag, a big version of hungry, hungry hippo, bouncy houses, a blind game thingy, and tug-of-war.
We played against other campers!  We won 5-8 games! :D
*Church Service - We had a service every night and morning!  They had powerful worship and messages!
*Tubing - We floated down a river on our own tubes!  It was so much fun except that it was a cloudy day, it was sprinkling rain, and the water was FREEZING! xD
*Free time - Us girls played Scum and other card games, plus we talked a lot!  :D

It was an AWESOME four days of my life! :D



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