July 26, 2014

Would You Rather.....

Good day!
I LOVE "Would you rather" questions, so I'm going to ask ten!  You can answer them on your blog and then comment on mine saying you've done them and I will look at them or you can just comment on my blog the answers to some of them! 
Shall we start?

Would You Rather...

1. Eat a hot dog for dessert or a hamburger?
2. Wear all blue and run around screaming "IT'S BLUE DAY!" or wear all green and run around screaming, "IT'S GREEN DAY!"?
3. Drink milk all day or orange juice?
4.  Have a pet cobra or shark?
5. Eat or sleep?
6. Play guitar or piano?
7. Have a painful sunburn or step in a pile of needles?
8. Go fishing or scuba diving?
9. Go shopping with a frilly tutu on or an elegant ball gown?
10. Never see the dentist or doctor again?

Have fun!



  1. Hello I completed this! :)
    here you go!

    1. Awesome! I love your answers! :D