July 22, 2014

C. C. C. Writing Contest Pt. 5

Chapter 5

    Jessie moaned as the green alarm clock rang at 4:30 a.m., like every morning since a few days ago.  She had to wake up early for training sessions as Ava had said, "You need to get as much practice in as you can before Carmay comes."
    Jessie flung one of her arms from under her quilt to turn the alarm off, but missed and slammed her palm right next to the clock on the wooden bedside table.  She raised her hand, turned off the alarm and was quickly getting out of bed, while massaging her stinging hand, when her foot became tangled in her quilt and she tripped onto the white colored rug that covered the cold, hardwood floor.  Jessie moaned again while lightly punching the floor, her foot still tangled on the bed.
    After she recovered from her fall, Jessie sighed and smiled.  Today is gonna be a great day!  She thought, hoping to forget what just happened.  She picked up the glass of water on her bedside table to take a drink, but it slipped from her hands and spilled over the front of her pajamas.  Tears of frustration sprang to her eyes as the freezing water soaked through her woolly clothes.

    "You look like a storm cloud!  What's wrong?"  Ava asked while polishing a sword.  Jessie had quickly changed and raced to the training arena, while eating a granola bar she had taken from the kitchen.  She bit her tongue in the process.
    "Nothing much."  Jessie grumbled not wanting to explain her miserable story.  She grabbed her bow and took it to the target practice area.  Nick was already there practicing with throwing knives, his specialty choice.
    Jessie raised her bow and aimed at the target.  She let go of the bowstring, but the electric-tipped arrow whirred past the target.  She loaded another arrow, pulled back the bowstring, and let go.  Again, she missed.  She aimed a third and fourth time and still missed terribly.  Jessie had to clench her jaw to keep from tearing her bow apart.
    "I know, I know!"  Irritated, Jessie interrupted Ava, who was trying to help her.  Jessie heard Ava sigh and Nick whistle softly.  Jessie was embarrassed from her outburst, but was too frustrated to apologize.  She tried several more times to hit the target, but either missed or hit the very edge of the board.  Jessie was getting very angry, now, and felt like she was going to explode.  She started aiming again.
    "Hey, Jessie?"
    "What?!"  Jessie turned around and shot the arrow right between Ava and another girl, who were several feet away, smashing a vase on a shelf a few more feet away.  "Oops..."  Jessie whispered, mortified.  A startled laugh broke the silence that reigned for a few minutes then the girl cupped her hand over her mouth like she wasn't supposed to laugh.
    Ava grinned, coming out of the shock.  "I knew you could aim well!  Just like your father!"  
    "Heh."  Jessie replied to the sarcastic comment.  Still embarrassed, she carefully put her bow away and walked up to Ava and the girl.  "Um, sorry 'bout that."  Jessie scratched her head and stared at her feet.  She was blushing terribly about, both, her outburst and misfire.
    "Haha!  That's...okay."  The girl stared at Ava, getting quieter with each word, like she had to wait for Ava to speak first.  The shy girl, then, started rubbing her fingers on her ear where an earring would be and blushed lightly.
    Ava smiled gently at the girl then back at Jessie.  "As I was going to introduce her to you in the first place, this is Daisy Peterson.  She's here to train for the battle.  I forgot to mention to you that I hosted recruitment training's, to get more fighters for the battle, before you stumbled upon this place.  I'm going to clean up the glass and let you two get to know each other."
    "Hi."  Jessie smiled politely, waving her hand in a small circle as Ava walked away.  "I'm Jessie Reese.  Nice to meet you."
    "You too."  Daisy smiled back and tucked her long, curly, red hair behind her ear.  She had hazel eyes that popped against her pale face.  She wore a simple outfit comprised of a gray fitted t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes.
    There was a long moment of silence as they both awkwardly looked at each other.  Why would she want to talk to someone who could've killed her if her aim was wrong? The thought unexpectedly popped in Jessie's mind as she thought of what to say to the shy girl.   She decided to ask the first thing that came to mind.   "Um, want to take a walk outside?"  Ah, great.  Nice one.  What kind of a question is that?  "I mean, like, get some fresh air and talk and..."  Jessie tried to fix the weird question.
    "Sure."  Daisy agreed, her eyes laughing.

    "...and that's how I ended up here."  Jessie sighed as she finished her story for Daisy.
    "Mhm, that's interesting."  Daisy said, but her gaze was fixed upon a dandelion she was twirling in her pale fingers and she smiled as if reminiscing something.  "My mother used to weave dandelions throughout my hair.  I would sit very still as if any movement would make my mother disappear.  You see, she was hardly ever home."
    "At least you had a mom..."  Jessie murmured to herself, but Daisy apparently heard.
    "I'm so sorry! I totally forgot about you!"  Daisy blushed bright red, looking guilty.
    "That's okay."  Jessie waved off the comment.  "What do you like to do in your spare time?"  She hoped to strike up another conversation with the girl so she wouldn't become quiet and shy again.
    "I love hiking, gardening, and, basically, all things nature!"  Daisy answered, her face turning a shade lighter.  "My second favorite thing to do is look at the stars and search for constellations at night!  My friend and I would find our own and laugh at them, but then she was- well, never mind."  
    What is she hiding?  Jessie wondered, but then answered her own question to keep the conversation going.  "I like to write and love riding horses, but, as you know from my story," Jessie sighed, "Goliath was taken from me."
    "I guess we have at least one thing in common; we both lost someone we loved."  Daisy softly spoke looking down at her hands.  "But, I'm going to get my friend back." Daisy finished under her breath.
    "What did you say?"  Jessie asked.
    "That we should probably be heading back."
    But Jessie was positive that she heard differently.  She watched Daisy as she walked back to the base while touching every partially wilted flower.  They seemed to liven up and stare at her.  Some mysterious part of this story wasn't told to Jessie.
Hope you enjoyed this!  Sorry it's late! D:
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