August 8, 2014

Life Update

Hey there!
Sorry for not posting in a few days!  It's been really busy over here! 
Home school has started up again for 2 weeks now! Blagh.  I like math, but sometimes, algebra can be really confusing.
Anywho,  this Tuesday starts our home school group's Drama Club!!! I can't wait!  I have no idea what we are gonna be doing besides acting and all.
I'm getting better at playing the violin, but the E string snapped!  Oops... :P
I'm going to do a book review on some of my favorite books later!

Bye for now!

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  1. Hi! Wow, your homeschool group has a drama club? That's fantastic!! I hope you'll have lots of fun! Agh, I completely understand you, math isn't the nicest subject to study... But hey, at least algebra means you're one step closer to graduation! ;)

    What do you like to play on your violin? I'd love to be able to play traditional Irish tunes with my recorder, but somehow I can't manage to pull off all of the notes without making it squeak at least once... :P Haha!

    Anyways, have a nice day! :)


    1. Yeah, it's pretty cool! I didn't know they had one until recently! :) That's a good way to put math. xD

      I put notes together and try to play songs by my ears! Traditional Irish sounds fun! lol!

  2. I hope you have fun in your drama club! I look forward to your book reviews! - Jollygirl from the blog:

    1. Thanks! I just need to choose which ones I want to do.... :P

  3. Drama Club sounds SUPER fun!!!!:D I hope you like it! Also I nominated you for the beautiful blog award!!!:D