August 11, 2014

The Beautiful Blog Award

Thanks Hannah for nominating me! (Click on her name to see her beautiful blog!!)


*Answer the questions the person who nominated you asked
*Nominate some other people (Let them know!)
*Make 12 questions for your nominees

1:  Have You Ever Made A Fairy Garden? 
I have not, though it sounds cool! :)

2:  What Is The Book You Are Looking Forward To Read For School?
Well, I don't have any assigned books for school yet, but I'm looking forward to read another medieval book by Melanie Dickerson that comes out this fall!
3:  What Is Your Favorite Flower?
4:  Are You Writing A Book? If So What's The Title?
I am currently writing a book for Celia's blog contest, but I don't have a title yet! :)
5:  Who Is Your Favorite Author?
I have 2!  Melanie Dickerson and Shannon Hale!
6:  What Is Your Favorite Poem?
I don't read a lot of poems, so I don't know! xD
7:  Favorite Number? (It can be long or short;))
I like the number 4, but my online usernames usually have the numbers 4104!
8:  Favorite Bible Verse?
Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.
9:  What Are You Looking Forward To About School?
Well, I'm in school right now, but I love a writing class I am doing! :D
10:  What Is Your Favorite Vacation You Did Or Going To Be Doing This Summer?
Well, I'm not going anywhere that I know of this summer, but in February my family went to Disney World! :D
11:  What Kind Of Music Do You Like?
I don't listen to a lot of music, but I like Christian Pop!
12:  What Is Your Favorite Thing About Blogging?

Writing about my life, posting fun activities, and writing, in general!

I nominate:
Tane from Fifth out of Ten

My Questions:
1. What are you learning in math this school year/ right now?
2.  What is you favorite color combination?
3.  Would you rather play the board game Scrabble or Clue?
4.  What is your favorite sport?
5.  Do you like playing computer games?
6.  Do you play an instrument?
7.  What room do you usually spend the most of your time in?  (Not counting sleeping :P )
8.  Would you rather dress up fancily at a casual place or dress up casually in a fancy place?
9.  What is your favorite card game?
10.  What's your least favorite subject in school?
11.  Would you rather eat a slice of cake or cheesecake?   
12.  What is your favorite chocolate bar?



  1. Awesome answers!-Jollygirl from the blog: