August 19, 2014

Random Story from Today

Here is a little drama from my life today. :P

I was going to put some mixing bowls away in a cabinet, but when I  started opening it, stuff started falling towards me.  
I thought to myself, Ugh, someone didn't put stuff away right.  
I, first, put my knees together to try and catch stuff (The cabinet is on the floor), then, I started pushing the heavy bowls back in their spot (the bowls were stacked on top of each other) so I would have hands to catch stuff.  
All of a sudden, the whole shelf collapsed and the bowls, sprinkles, and other miscellaneous stuff slid out.  The heaviest bowl, which was the bottom one, broke when it touched the wood floor, but thankfully, the others were plastic!  
Somehow, I jumped out of the bowls way.  I'm sooo grateful to say that none of the sprinkle's lids popped open.
 You know that feeling you get when you break something (which actually wasn't my fault) on accident?  Yeah.... But my dad wasn't mad at me and helped clean up the mess! :)  (My mom is out at the moment so she doesn't know yet. :P )

Well, that's it! That was the most dramatic part of today for me besides going to the orthodontist... *shivers*

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  1. Stuff is always falling out of our fridge...
    Good luck at the orthodontist! I feel ya.

    1. Haha, yeah, I bet that can get annoying. :P
      Thanks. :)

  2. Lol! Good thing you're alright! And good thing your mom was out... ;) xD lol

    1. Hahaha! Yeah, she was like, "We needed a new one anyway." :P