October 31, 2014

Life Update

Hello all!

So, on Wednesday, my youth group hosted a costume party. There were games, LOTS of sugary food, and, of course, a costume contest! I dressed up as a pirate with the clothes I had. 

(Of course I made my kitty pose with me!) 
There were 4 different divisions for the contest: middle school girls, middle school guys, high school girls, and high school guys. Whoever the audience cheered for the loudest won!
So, in my group, high school girls, the audience cheered pretty much the same until they got to my friend and her sister!  My friend dressed as Olaf and her sister dressed as the Pixar lamp thingy!  They cheered super loud for my friend, but cheered almost deafeningly for her sister! It was an obvious win for her! xD
One of the games was to create a pyramid with people (like what cheerleaders do). We separated into 4 groups again for this.  I was in the middle row of the pyramid. I was scared I was gonna hurt someone! xD  Our team won for the best pyramid though!
The other game was pumpkin chunken or something like that. I guess it's a real sport which is hilarious! We had to use some materials the leaders gave us and try to throw our pumpkin (it was a small pumpkin) the farthest. We won 3rd. xD
Overall, it was a fun night! :)

Tonight is our churches harvest fest, so that's gonna be fun too! :D
Have a great day! (And have fun eating bunches of candy! xD )



  1. Such interesting contest haha! I love your pirate costume!:D
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Yeah, very interesting. :P Thanks, June! :)

  2. Great costume for Halloween! Hope you have a great day. :)
    Hope you can visit my blog. Let me know what you think about it! We can also follow each other if you want.

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    1. Thanks, Sammie! Hope you have an awesome day, too! :D
      I actually do follow you via GFC! :) If you want we can do a button swap?

  3. Great costume and it sounds like you had a great time! :)
    I am now following your blog, would you mind checking mine out if you have the chance?

    1. Thanks, Tshi1! :) I will definitely check yours out!

  4. Sounds fun!!!!

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