November 26, 2014

Surprise Weekend Trip

Hello to all you lovely people!

A few weeks ago, my parents spilled the news that we were going somewhere the weekend before Thanksgiving, but they wouldn't tell us where we were going.  It felt like forever for the weekend to come until it was upon us!
My younger brother guessed that it would be The Great Wolf Lodge. I didn't think we would actually go there, but I was proven wrong! We were so excited!  We've been there before, but it had been awhile!
When we arrived, we found our friends there!  Apparently, our parents had been planning this for a month!

The first thing we did at the water park was go under the huge bucket of water!  It was freezing cold, but our brothers didn't mind.  (I'm in the blue swimsuit)

We went on a lot of water slides.  There were a bunch there! The one in the picture had lots of turns and went fast.  It's definitely one of my favorites!  (I'm the one waving, but you can only see my arm. xD )

 There was another water slide that went straight down for a couple of seconds and then had a big opening where your tube went far up the sides and back down.  I didn't like that one the last time I went, but I wanted to try it again.  I went on it 3 times, though!  It wasn't that bad.

One of the times I did it, I was with my friend and my brother.  My brother wanted to go backwards down it, so we sat accordingly.  (I didn't want to go backwards!)  The guy who was managing the slide, though, twisted the tube, so I was going backwards!  He pushed us in, but the tube got stuck before it went down.  I was pleading, "No, no, no no!!"  Then, the guy kicked the tube down! I closed my eyes once we got to the steep slope and screamed as the tube tipped over the edge.  Surprisingly, going down backwards was actually easier than going down facing towards it! Haha!

 Have you been to the Great Wolf Lodge?  What was you favorite thing there?
One day till Thanksgiving! Have fun cooking! :)


  1. Cool! Looks so fun! :) I would have been so scared to go down backwards! ;)
    I've never been to Great Wolf Lodge, isn't it in PA?
    I've been to a HUGE waterpark in Virginia. It was called Massanutten Water Park. It had a resort and stuff, but we didn't stay there.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

    1. Haha, yeah it was a lot of fun! ;)
      There might be one there, but we went to the one in Concord, NC.
      I haven't been to that one, but it sounds fun! :D
      Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :)

    2. Good! ;)
      Oh, lol, I wasn't sure if there was more than one or not!
      It was! ;)


  2. That looks like a lot of fun, especially the slides.