December 17, 2014


Hello all!

Yesterday was my 15th birthday! Yay!!! *Throws confetti* 
Usually I have a birthday party, but this year it was a family birthday. :)
For my cake, we picked up a 2 slices of cheesecake (the slices are big) from The Cheesecake Factory.  (It's a yummy place if you haven't been there! :P )

One of the presents I got was a pretty, but simple, silver bracelet.  We are gonna engrave it with my favorite verse, Hebrews 11:1!

One time, on my birthday, there was snow on the ground! It was awesome, but it was more like slush mixed with mud. :P

8 days till Christmas! ALREADY!!!! :O  The year has gone by so fast.  I would LOVE to have a white Christmas this year!  I have never had one yet.  

What are you most wanting for Christmas?


  1. Happy Birthday Joy!!!!!!! Love you!!!<3 I still haven't been to the cheese cake factory I need to go there and try their stuff! What I'm really hoping for Christmas is some turquoise converses!!!!

    A Southern Girls Life

    1. Thanks, Hannah! :) Love you too! Yes, it's a great place. Ooh, converses are cool! I love that color too! :D