March 31, 2015

Hannah's Writing Contest

I chose Writing Prompt and Picture #3 for Hannah's writing contest!

The notebook stared at me as if it longed to be opened. I scanned the bus, waiting for the owner to take the leather-bound book next to me, as the doors slid shut. My curiosity never dulled and my fingers twitched from sudden urges to open it. I looked around once more as the bus started with a lurch.
My fiery bangs fell into my eyes when I picked up the notebook, and I tried not to gain any attention. My palms sweated, but I reassured myself. I’m only intruding on someone’s personal life, right? Not like anyone ever cared what I did.
The first few pages had samples of writing of some kid’s boring life...and when I say boring, I mean one of the entries being:
I made the most delicious peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich today.
The writing stopped after only a few pages. I flipped through the notebook, creating a fan along the way.
Something made me catch the pages. I didn’t know if it was my imagination, but I turned the pages slower this time. Scrawled in the middle of the notebook in thick black ink were the words:

You know what to do

The sentence reverberated through me, as if it was a warning instead of a statement. I plugged my ears and hummed a tune knowing people would be staring, but it kept coming back louder and louder. I was startled when I saw a key appear out of nowhere, which didn’t help the dizziness that overcame me.
Suddenly, the bus driver yelled, “You idiot!” and the bus screeched to a halt. My face slammed into the seat in front of me and I heard several panicked screams. I snatched the notebook from the floor where it had slid and stuffed it into my brown messenger bag. I kept the usual in there; a couple books and some cash.
I stood to look out the windshield and of course in the middle of the buses lane was a moron who could’ve died. He stood with one hand out as if to stop the bus (which he practically did.) He looked to be around my age and had blonde hair that stuck up in the front like a backwards wave. His most prominent feature was the scowl he wore along with his aviator sunglasses.
He walked up to the bus with a confident gait, his scowl never changed. A passenger scowled and walked off the bus, shoving Mr. Scowl. I had to suppress a laugh as his expression changed to a look of surprise. He caught himself and his scowl returned.
“Sorry. Forgot something.” Mr. Scowl muttered.
“Something life-or-death worthy I hope.” The bus driver replied.
“Very much so.” I heard him say to himself as he walked passed my seat.
I stared away and held my hands together to try to keep them from shaking. I had a feeling of what he was looking for. I counted how many times his feet went by… 3 times. The whole bus was silent and a few people exited while he did his search.
I glanced up when he stopped at the front of the bus, close to where I was sitting. He was scanning the bus some more, I guess.
I felt the blood drain from my face when he caught my eye. I looked out the window next to me and bit my lip. Pfft, I don’t have your notebook. I mean, if it is your notebook. I droned on in a conversation to myself. I jumped when he started speaking.
“I need everyone off the bus immediately.” He was holding an important-looking badge.

I scooted away from the crowd even though I wasn’t suppose to. The guy was interviewing all the passengers. I felt a bit uneasy and my bag felt heavier than it should’ve been. I leaned against a shop window away from the intense sun and watched the commotion. I wanted to see what would happen, maybe he wasn’t looking for the notebook and key.
I noted that all of the passengers shook there head to whatever he was asking and soon they were all getting on the bus again. I decided that I would walk to wherever I was going. You could say that I was a nomad. I didn’t stay in one place for long.
I watched as the guy took off his glasses and wiped his forehead. He then proceeded down the sidewalk. I decided to follow him. Yeah, curiosity may have killed the cat, but I don’t really care for those old proverbs.
He walked for awhile, and I almost lost him when he went around a corner of a store. I ran after him, not aware of the trap. He grabbed my wrist just as I turned the corner and almost made me trip over myself.


Here it is! I have more, but this is the best stopping point/cliff hanger I could cut to. :P


  1. You stopped! No!! I think you did a great job

    1. Haha, thanks! I may post another part to it later! :)

  2. Wow that is AMAZING!!!!!!! Great job!!

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