March 27, 2015

I Was, I Am, and I Will....

Hello awesome people!
Today I am doing a random post about my day today....
Hence the title, what I was doing, what I am doing, and what I will be doing.



What I was Doing...

A few hours ago: Drove with my driver's ed teacher for the first time!
I actually wasn't scared. It was different, but fun and I felt more mature to be able to drive! ;)

30 minutes ago: Finished school for the week. 
I had 2 tests and a vocab thing and now I can relax!

A few minutes ago: Brewed tea and grabbed a snack. 
Also looked at Pinterest, cause that's always fun! 

What I am Doing...

Listening to: It's Time By Imagine Dragons.

Eating: Mint Oreos! (That was my snack I was getting)

Drinking: My tea, of course!

Thinking: What else am I doing right now?

What I will be Doing...

Writing: Finish my writing piece for Hannah's Writing Contest!

Listening: More music by Imagine Dragons. :P

Taking Vitamins: For my sore throat. The pollen is starting to affect me...Ugh.

Music: I will be practicing guitar! I need to practice my violin too. :)


  1. Wow, it's cool that you drove with him for the first time! I hope I'll learn to drive this year too. :) How was the rest of the day?

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's gonna be nice to be able drive! ;)
      It was good! :) Hope your day was great too!

  2. Sounds like a awesome day! Good luck with your driver ed!
    - June