March 21, 2015

Driver's Ed Week

Hello all!

This past week, I had driver's ed!
Yes, I feel too young still, but I do want to drive!

The first day was a bit difficult because of all of the info thrown at us (plus there was a test the first day) but I got into the pattern pretty quickly. 

I would have to say the worst day was Wednesday because that was the day a state trooper came and told us gruesome stories of car accidents and stuff.... I won't go into detail. 

The best was Friday because that was our last day!!  We had a 90 question final test and I passed! Yay!!!

Now I have to drive with the teacher some, take one more test, and then I'll be able to get my learner's permit!

Hope you all had a fantastic week!!


  1. I'm so glad you survived! For reals... :P lol luv ya! <3

    1. Haha! Me too. :P Love ya too! <3