June 28, 2015

First Thing That Comes To Mind (Pt. 2) - Featuring Anna, Celia, and Hannah!

Hi friends!
Here is Part 2 to the game I did with my friends!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say...


Anna: Archery

Celia: Ross Lynch.

Hannah: Percy Jackson (Who knows!)


Anna: Mountains.

Celia: Ross Lynch.

Hannah: My writing piece:

Sit still and listen, watch and feel

The busy world around us has time to be silent and still

The soft breeze brushes your soft glowing cheeks 

The birds sing their sweet tender songs

The creek trickles down the forest's stream

The flowers reach out their silken petals up to the warm summer sun 

See what happens when you grow silent and still?


Anna: Dirt.  I don't know why, I don't really think dirt is ugly.  That's just what comes to mind.

Celia: A theatre I recently went to.

Hannah: Nothing really came to mind just the word "Ugly".


Anna: Clothing.

Celia: And blue.

Hannah: Nico Di Angelo sitting in a cold dark corner.


Anna: Dusty attics. 

Celia: Man and women.

Hannah: My great grandma Faison.


Anna: Sunlight reflecting off of water.

Celia: Shoes and socks.

Hannah: A girl with blonde hair and hot pink lipstick blowing gold dust across an open field.


Anna: Converse.

Celia: Converses.

Hannah: My turquoise converse!


Anna: Sleep

Celia: Not "Pellows"!

Hannah: A fluffy/feathery hot pink pillow.


Anna: Tempest the cat.

Celia: Baby animals.

Hannah: Sampson rubbing his head against my thigh.


Anna: Chemistry.

Celia: Yuck! No thanks, it's summer!

Hannah: A pencil on top of a composition notebook.

That was a lot of fun! Thanks so much AnnaCelia, and Hannah! Click on their names to see their blogs!  You should totally check them out!

Have an awesome, fun, epic, beautiful, and amazing day!

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