June 25, 2015

First Thing That Comes To Mind (Pt.1) - Featuring Anna, Celia, and Hannah!

Wassup fellow humans?

Today I'm sharing a little game I did with my three best friends and fellow bloggers , Anna, Celia, and Hannah. I have asked them to say the first thing that comes to mind when I say a random word.
Here are the results!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say...


Anna: Sunlight coming through the treetops. 

Celia: Grass.

Hannah: The dark, warm, forest. 


Anna: Runners' Camp.

Celia: Runners camp.

Hannah: Crossing the finish line with a winded guy behind me!


Anna: Soccer.

Celia: Volley ball.

Hannah: Getting slammed to the ground in a basketball game.


Anna: A kaleidoscope.

Celia: Pink and blue. 

Hannah: My new bedroom.


Anna: Oranges.

Celia: Yellow.

Hannah: BLUH! (It's my least favorite color).


Anna: Phones or sound sets.

Celia: Spencer (a character in my book I'm writing)

Hannah: Guys sitting around a dark room with glows illuminating off their faces.


Anna:  Bacon.

Celia: Toes.

Hannah: Throwing up in the toilet while your freezing and aching all over.


Anna: Earbuds and "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran.

Celia:  "Eyes Wide Open" by Sabrina Carpenter.

Hannah: Playing my piano. (It's my peace place).


Anna: Swimming in the ocean.

Celia: Thirst.

Hannah: Juicy, cold, watermelon! 


Anna: Pictures of when I was about 9 or 10.

Celia: Have fun times with friends and eating food. Idk!

Hannah:  Me, Joy, Anna, and Celia playing Life!<3

Stay tuned to Part 2 coming soon! Thanks so much for doing this AnnaCelia, and Hannah! Click on their names to see their blogs!  They are amazing!

Have a fantabulous day!

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