August 31, 2015

Writing Contest, Eh? / AUTUMN IS NIGH

Wassup all you amazing, beautiful people?

You heard write! (Heh, pun intended? Okay that was lame...xD )

I am going to be hosting a writing contest. 'Tis will be a bit different. Shorter.
I will give details soon! Stay on the look out!


Ah, I can feel Autumn coming. Cool breezes and leaves turning yellow. I love Autumn; such a beautiful time of year! And there's Thanksgiving with lots of good food and family and friend's gathering. Plus, a season closer to hot chocolate* and snow and the bitter chill of winter. And my birthday and Christmas.

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I have to say, Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Actually, it's really hard to choose... Winter for the holidays, snow, and warm drinks, Spring for the warm breeze and new flowers, Summer for swimming, or Autumn for the holidays, cool breeze, and the colors. 'Tis hard to choose. How about you? What's your favorite season?

*Okay, I did drink some hot chocolate in Summer... 


  1. yessss autumn.
    there's a couple reasons i love it too.. i mean, not even regarding the fact that that IS my penname here on the internet.
    I agree with you. My favorite season is hands down summer, but coming in second would definitely be autumn. Everything about it is perfect, the weather, the style, the FOOD, and everything. except school. yeah.
    - autumn

    1. Haha, yes, exactly!! Yes, definitely love the clothes!! But >.<