August 29, 2015

My Entry For Hannah's Writing Contest

Hannah was doing a Writing Prompt Contest!
This was the prompt I used.

Here it is!

    Everyone has a gift. Me? I didn’t like mine. You see, I could tell how dangerous someone was on a scale of one to ten, one being a normal child, two being a normal teen, and three or four being a normal adult. My parents told me it’s “amazing,” but they’re used to it. They both have it, but it puts a lot of fear in me. What if I spotted someone who’s a five or above? I couldn’t fight well. 
    I wished I was a normal teen girl. At least I had one other skill. I stared at my empty pad of paper. No inspiration came to sketch, though. I scanned the cafeteria while finishing my sandwich. Two, two, two. Everyone’s a two, eat in peace. I sighed, fidgeting in the uncomfortable seats. Everyone sat in their cliques, boys daring each other, girls talking to one another. I didn’t fit in with any of them. Even the new kid found a place, seated with the jocks. 
    Speaking of which, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’ve run into him before. I searched my memory, fiddling with my glasses. I glanced up and a shiver went down my spine. He was staring directly at me and that’s when I remembered what happened years earlier. 


    He smiled and did a half-nod in greeting. I looked away, pretending not to see him, and ate the last bite of my sandwich.
    “Long time no see, eh?” Kolin had walked up and slid into the seat in front of me. I looked up and smiled, hoping to hide my fear.
    “Hi! Do I know you?” Hopefully my act worked.
    “Don’t play dumb, Laynna. You and I both remember what happened in the park.” Renewed anger shown in his sharp, blue eyes. “I had promised to take the thing you loved most, as you had done to me, unless you helped. That offer is still valid.” 
    “Threatening won’t always make it you’re way." I snapped, forgetting to fake. "I told you over and over that I’m sorry. I regret it everyday.” My hands shook, so I hid them in my lap. 
    “Do you?” His voice rose and he stood up, looming over me. “Do you really? Because that’s going to help.” He banged his fist on the table. I gasped and glanced around at the students now watching. He seemed to notice and whispered, “We will continue this after school in the parking lot. If you don’t come, I will do as promised.” He stalked out of the cafeteria. The students resumed chatting after the outburst. I laid my head on my arms and sobbed. 


Thanks for reading!

Originally, I was writing for a different prompt, but I realized that I couldn't post it 'cause it was waaay too long (and not even done yet)
I decided to change and write something else that's shorter. One day before the deadline...hahaha. It's still a cliffhanger though...


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    1. Thanks so much Ava! I will definitely check it out!! :) <3

  2. Oh you are too horrible! it is the bane of my life to read short story snippets like this...I usually go crazy afterwards with wanting to read more.(Even if more doesn't exist.) You did an awesome job! :D

    1. Hahahaha! I know, me too, even though I did it to myself... XD Thanks so much Jane!