September 7, 2015

A Different Time Period...

Hello everybody!

Have you ever wanted to bring some aspects of different times into our modern lives?
I have/do still.

I'd want to bring some of the fashion in from the Victorian/Medieval/Renaissance era for a week or so. THE DRESSES, I mean you wouldn't dress like this all the time:

But it'd be fun to try and they are gorgeous! Except for corsets, I'd probably die from those...

I'd, also, want to perhaps take cars away for a day (or week..) and use horses again, 'cause I love horses. (lame reason) I wouldn't want it forever because cars are a great way of transportation, but HORSES! You would NEED to get one back then instead of nowadays. 
Hehe, I love horses as you can tell, even though I don't have one.

This is a pic from the horse farm near us. Look at the foals!! <3

I'm glad I live in this era still, the technology, medicine, fashion, architecture...Yeah, we live in a great time.

Thanks for reading my ramblings!

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