October 28, 2015

QOTW / Cake Decorating!


Soooo sorry this is late...again! UGH, Life has been crazy busy for me. 

As I've told you in the below post, I went to a decorating class with my mom and our friends this past weekend! It was super fun!

The first day, we learned about different decorating frosting tips and tips on decorating with frosting (heh). We practiced on some cupcakes:

Aren't they so cute?

The next day we decorated cakes! For some odd reason, my cake was fluffier than my mom's and could make three layers instead of two, which is totally fine with me! :P

First we frosted with white...and since my cake was chocolate, there are crumbs showing, but 'twas fine 'cause it'd be eaten!

We also learned about more frosting tips and stuff. We ran out of time, so we decorated our cakes at home.

Before my mom decorated.

Before I decorated.

Random shots of dying the frosting:

 Tessa slept next to my new beanie while we decorated.

Oh! There's a cool frosting thing that you can do!
If you paint lines of dye on the bags, then put the frosting in, it'll have strips of dye mixed with the frosting! Here's some pics:

And how it looks after I made a flower with it! So pretty!

Part-way done with my cake.

Mom's almost done with hers!

My finished cake:

Mom's finished cake:

 Yum! We ate my cake and gave away Mom's! :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and so sorry again this was late!

Pics of my youth group's annual costume party coming soon!
My costume was a modern Disney Princess and I wore that red beanie that my cat was sleeping next to...
Try to guess who I was!

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