October 23, 2015

My Colorful Cake And A Horrific Incident


Today I made a very colorful cake (also pumpkin cupcakes which taste delicious! Mmm...) because my mom and our friends are doing a cake decorating class this weekend...and we gotta bake a lot of stuff... xD

Anyway, I made a super duper cute colorful cake and I wanted to share pictures with you guys!

 Before I cooked this layer. I didn't put in enough red, you can barely see it. .-.

After it cooked.

I decided to marble this one and it looked so cool!

After it baked.

Okay, so while I was getting my cakes out of the pan with a knife...



Hahahahahaha, just kidding. That's leftover dye on my finger! Did I gross you out? :P
Now my finger is pink though, heh.

Here's both of them!

And random photos of them:

Hope you enjoyed! I'll publish a post about our cake decorating class and pics from it!!
You guys are da best! ^-^


  1. Those cakes are de bomb <3
    i love the marble cake, it's so adorable! they look really soft and spongy... #bakingforever
    A cake decorating class sounds beeeyyyonddd amazing! That would be so cool :) I'm so excited to see your post on that!
    - Autumn

    1. Thanks, ikr, I don't wanna eat them, they look too pretty! XD Yeeesss, #lovebaking
      Ikr, it sounds so fun! Thanks, I can't wait to see how it turns out! :)

  2. omygosh I-need-cakes-right-now-so-badly-help-me...... ><

    Haha, but seriously, those cakes look AMAZINGGG!! I'm sure they tastes epic too. :)
    BTW, I really thought you cut yourself (!!!). I was wondering, how can she still grab a camera and snap a picture in that state?! Hehe!!


    1. LOL, I'd gladly send some over if I could! We have sooooo mannnyy for this thing XD Thanks Ash!!
      Haha, yeah, I still had to be careful with handling the camera because I didn't want to get dye on it. I checked my hands several times. :P

  3. Wow cool colour! very pretty.