October 21, 2015

QOTW / The Song Tag

(Sorry this is a bit late!)

Do you ever get lost in thought while listening to music?


My cat keeps jumping in the trash can...
So one of my BFF's, Celia, created a tag that sounded suuuper fun!
'Tis called The Song Tag.

*List the rules and include the button in your post.
*Answer these questions.
*Tag a couple other bloggers do this tag. y(Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.)

 I love talking about my favorite songs!
 Here are da questions and my answers:

1. First song that comes to your mind.

2. A song that always makes you happy.
 Yaaas, there are tons of songs that make me happy!! I'll list two: On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons, Good Time - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen .

3. A song you hate.
 There are several songs I don't like, so I don't listen to them, obviously (and this is just my opinion), but the one that comes to mind is Problem - Arianna Grande...no link to that one. :P

4. Favorite romantic song.
 This Is Love - For King And Country; It's so beautiful and sweet! <3

5. Favorite sad song.
'Tis not necessarily sad, but it sounds sad-ish, yet powerful-ish. 'Tis Titanium, but the cover version by Madilyn Bailey. Also Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons  THIS SONG, omw. Sad and epic at the same time, like I imagine a story:
I'm bleeding out 
A guy got stabbed or shot from a fight
So if it's the last thing that I do
Is bring you down
Before he dies, he wants to kill his enemy 
 I'll bleed out for you
He sacrifices his life and kills the enemy to save his loved ones
When the sky turns gray
And everything is screamin'
His vision is getting hazy and he hears people screaming for him and feels bitter pain physically and mentally
I will reach inside
Just to find my heart is beating
Puts his hand to his heart to make sure he is still alive
Oh, you tell me to hold on
Oh, you tell me to hold on
His loved ones are kneeling to him trying to keep him awake
But innocence is gone
And what was right is wrong
The innocence of war/killing is gone and he realizes how truly bad and wrong it is.

Something of that sort and that barely part of the song...
I can play it on the guitar and sing it and it's so saaad and I love it... xD

6. A song that brings back memories.
 Plant Life - Owl City even though I just found it this year, plus some of it is romantic, you could say. 
The chorus is so beautiful and it makes me want to dance and sigh and dream and sleep. It also reminds me of walking through a park trails almost every day with my grandmother or dad with my brothers. We'd pick blackberries or make boats with sticks and leaves and sail them in the streams or catch minnows and frogs. It was a wonderful time. :)

7. A song that you have been playing on repeat.
 I usually don't play a song on repeat 'cause I don't want to be annoyed of it later on, but on some occasions I do. The song that I most recently played on repeat is Beautiful, Beautiful - Francesca Battistelli. It's, well, beautiful and also powerful and THE CHORUS. I'm learning to play dis on guitar.

8. Favorite song by your favorite artist.
 I have a lot of fave artists and since I haven't done Linsey Stirling yet, I shall say some of my favorite pieces from her.
Roundtable Rival - EPIC; the music video is funny. xD
Master Of The Tides - YAAS, GO GIRL. She played and danced...IN WATER. ^-^
Electric Daisy Violin - It's one of my faves even though it's one of her older songs! c;

9. Weirdest song you like.
 I have two: Unbelievable - Owl City, I think it sounds weird sometimes, but it's so happy and gets me hype and Cha Ching - Imagine Dragons, I don't know why I like it, but it's catchy at some points... xD

10. All time favorite song.
WHAAAAT?? This is soooo hard, I have TONS. I'll list a few of mah faves and epic songs: 
Warriors - Imagine Dragons (this is so epic and it's easy to play on guitar which makes me happy)
Oxygen - Lincoln Brewster and lots of others by him like There Is Power and Made New (They are amazing)
 Galaxies - Owl City (it's so happy and upbeat)
 Hey Brother - Avicii  (Sibling love and I can play it on guitar...just not in the right range for my voice :P )
 The Nights and The Days - Avicii (Yaaaas, catchy and upbeat)

Alright I is done.
Now I nominate:

Have fun!!


  1. Thanks for the tag, Joy! It looks awesome:D *squeals because she's finally been tagged*
    I love the Owl City songs that you mentioned! And also, Beautiful, Beautiful <3 I don't think I've heard any of the others, but I'm gonna check out Imagine Dragons:)

    1. You're welcome! :D
      Yaaaas! Awesome! :D <3

  2. Great job, Joy! Owl City and Imagine Dragons are two of my favorite bands too!

    1. Thanks, and yes!! They are cool! Thanks for commenting, Anna! :D

  3. Great answers! :)

    I tagged you for the Shopping Tag!
    check it out here:


    1. Thanks, Elly! I'll check it out! :)