October 19, 2015

Childhood Story - My "Fuzzy" Friend

Hey guys!
I meant to publish a post sooner...better late than never, aye?
Here's a memory of when I was a tot.


    I remember sitting on our patio next to my brothers. Just sitting and listening to them chatter. I saw a small, fuzzy-looking flying bug land near me. Picking it up with a cupped hand, I petted it with my finger. It was fuzzy and so cute! The fuzz was black and yellow and the wings were so small! I giggled as it walked around my hand.
    I showed the little guy to my brothers and they gasped. "That's a bee, Joy!" I shook my hand and started crying. I had heard what a bee was, but didn't know this was one. My brothers rushed inside, I followed, pushing against them, trying to get in before getting stung.
    My mom was there and she asked what was wrong. I was still crying and tried to talk through my tears. "I had a bee in my hand!"
    "Did it sting you?"
    "No, but it almost did!" 
The bee looked similar to this. Pic via

That is all I could remember, but yes, I usually wasn't afraid of bugs that young. I would (and still do) pick up frogs and lizards, caterpillars and roly polies, butterflies- oh talking about butterflies and bees...


    One day, when I was young, my brothers and I were at a friend's pool. I was out of the pool because there butterflies flying around. One landed on the edge of a doggy pool and I was quick enough to catch it. The yellow and black butterfly walked on my fingers, it's little curly-tongue-thing licking me. 
   Fear washed over me and I shook my hand to get it off. The body looked too similar to a bee and it's tongue...was it gonna hurt me? 
    The butterfly had landed in the doggy pool. I was scared for the poor butterflies life, but I was also scared for my life...I didn't exactly want to pick it out. Thankfully, our friend was there and she saved it's life.


Haha, ah, the weird fears of me as a young child...No I'm not scared of yellow and black butterflies anymore. Actually I keep trying to catch them, but unfortunately, since I can't just grab them, they are too fast.
I hope you enjoyed these two stories! Do you have any similar bug stories?

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