November 14, 2015

NaNo...Again... / Pray For Paris

Yes, I know.
Another NaNo update.
But this will (hopefully) be my last for a while, because I don't want to bore you guys. :P

Anyway, here is my Novel title, synopsis and an excerpt:

Don’t Lose Hope
    Because of her red hair, Farryn has been sheltered her whole life, but after slipping past the guards one day and playing in the woods, she ends up a captive. For eight years she’s blamed Emerson, The one who deserted her. When an opportunity to escape appears, she grabs hold, not expecting an encounter with the very one who abandoned her.
    Farryn struggles to trust him as he helps her gain freedom and when a new threat arises, can they, together, save her family as well as their village?

    She sat down in the chair and faced him. He didn’t know exactly where to start, but why not say it directly? “I know who you are…Farryn.” She looked away. 
    “You may know my name, but I’m not the same naive, little girl.” She faced him again, voice rising. “You left me, Emerson! I had to fend for myself for-for eight years!” Her chin trembled. “You know what I did in that time? I grew up! People are terrible. Everyone has darkness inside and some people exploit it to use as power. Lie to get what they want, kill to take revenge. And the fear…oh fear. It grabs you when you’re least expecting. Fear steals you’re freedom, so I stuck it down and hid it in the very depths of my soul. Now you…you, the one who started this all,” She stood, waving her hands around, “came back to reignite what I tried to destroy.”  Tears stained her cheeks.

So yes, that was an emotional scene I wrote...
I'm two days behind schedule, Gah!!


You may have already heard this, but Paris was attacked yesterday afternoon. Please pray for the injured and the people who have lost loved ones.