November 3, 2015

QOTW / NaNoWriMo Updates

And I believe that I am awesome and you are too. Lol.


Man, I have been super busy writing! Here are my NaNo updates!

Day 1:
Since November 1 was on a Sunday, I was couldn't write that morning, plus when I came home, my brother and I had to take care of a dog for a neighbor. Then  I procrastinated, thinking I could get 2,000 words in at around 2 hours, but no, more like 5 hours. That was a realty check. 

I finally got to 1,668 words late at night and was so relieved! I typed in my word count and checked the graph. It said 813 average words per day. I thought the time was messed up, but realization dawned on me. It was 12:01am. I missed typing in my word count by a couple minutes! Thankfully, I could change when I put in my words, so it's all fixed.

Day 2:
The day went much smoother! I started early afternoon this time, 'cause I had school and such. I wrote and typed and wrote and typed. I took a break when I hit almost 1,000 words. At around 8, I went on a virtual NaNo chat. The ML hosted Word Sprints. Basically you have 20 minutes to write as fast as you can and see how many words you get. It helps a lot! My highest word count was 360, but other people got up to 700!! 
By the time I was done writing for the day, I had written around 2,100 words! And it was only 10pm! 

In total I have 3,905 words!

Today is the third day. I am about to start writing now! Woot!
(Ugh, I haven't thought of a title for my story nor a synopsis! I will tell y'all when I do though!)


  1. Great job! x You are incredible!
    I really wanted to participate this year, but November came upon us before I knew it, and now it is too late. ;(
    Best wishes with your story! Keep writing! I'm looking forward to the synopsis!
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Aw, thanks so much Sanjana! <3
      That's too bad! Sorry about that, time is flying by for me too and it's sooo hard to keep up.
      Thanks so much again! You made my day! :)