December 4, 2015

Christmas Memories

Hello lovely people!

I forgot to do yesterday's prompt, but today's Daily December is Favorite Christmas Memory, but I will share a few that popped into mind.

One Christmas when I was very young, I unwrapped a little tubular present and it was a toilet paper roll. I was confused at first, but then I saw a little stuffed animal cat inside and it was so cute, I loved it! I think I still have it somewhere...

OOH! One of my favorite Christmases was when we had a scavenger hunt. I think this was just a few years ago, but each year my brothers and I get one big present, basically the one that cost/wanted the most and the scavenger hunt had things we needed to do to find our big present.
I remember having to do a crossword puzzle, then racing up the steps to find clues in our bookshelf, then down to the kitchen and one of the last things we had to do was sing a Christmas carol.
It was very fun and I'd be up to doing that again. xD

Ah, another favorite memory was when one Christmas a looooong time ago we didn't see Santa that year! One night, there was a knocking on out back door and my parents let someone with a red suit in. I was so surprised to see santa in our house. He sat down on one of our chairs and we told him what we wanted. I was a bit skeptical though and I let my brothers go first. This santa looked oddly like our friend's dad with his salt and pepper beard. It wasn't until this santa left that I found out my brothers were skeptical as well. My parents only smiled at our guesses at who he might've been. My younger brother said he looked out the front window and saw him drive off in a car with one of our friends in the back seat. Hmmm....
Well, I don't know when, but my parents later said that he was actually our friend's dad and he did this to other families as well if their kids wanted to see santa and they hadn't been able to. ;)

Yep, there are some memories of mine! Any fun Christmas stories of your own?

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