December 8, 2015

QOTW / Daily December #5, #6, #7, And #8


I missed so many of these Daily December prompts, yikes! These past few days have been super busy and yesterday my oldest brother turned 20! :O

Anyway, let's get to these prompts.

#5 - This week I...

Started school again. Since NaNo I hadn't done much, but a couple math lessons a week, so now I'm kicking it back into high-gear.

Worked on some costumes with my friends for a project we are doing. (And we went to Starbucks!!)

Took care of a couple dogs with my younger brother for some of our neighbors.

Went to eat and celebrated my brother's birthday.

Umm...there are other things, but my mind is drawing a blank right now...

#6 - Winter Essentials

*Comfy Clothes
Who doesn't love huge, floppy sweaters to cuddle up in?

*A Fire Place
To warm yourself in your comfy clothes.

*Christmas Movies
To watch while you are comfortable and warming up next to the fire. (Elf is one of my favorite Christmas movies! You?)

Decorating Christmas cookies is so fun! 

To go with your cookies! Mmm....

#7 - Christmas Playlist
Yess! I love Christmas music! Three of the songs on my playlist are:

#8 - Your Opinion On... brain feels fried right now....Okay, my opinion on apples...sorry, I just ate an apple and that's all I can think of. xD

Anyway, Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples are the best. They are so crispy and sour,  yet sweet. I love the Granny Smith apples a bit more because of their sourness.

Soft apples are so gross and the dark red apples are equally as gross.

That is my opinion. Thank you.
Okay, what are your opinions on apples?


Ah, I'm all caught up! Yay!

Today I went to the Orthodontist and I have some awesome news. I'm getting my braces off in January!! Yay!!!
One of my brackets would not stay on my tooth when they tried to put in the wire, so they left it off, lest they break my jaw. 
Literally, it felt as if they were breaking my jaw. They pushed so hard trying to get the wire in that they had to hold my jaw to help support it and they still couldn't get it in because the bracket popped back jaw is still sore....

Well, I have to get ready for another outing tonight! Byyyeee!

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