January 31, 2016

QOTW / Catching Up On Life And Snowy Pics


Sooo sorry I didn't post any pics last week, like I said I would. I've been busy prepping for my b-day party that got delayed till yesterday even though my actual birthday was on December 16.

Pic of my beautiful friends and I at my party :D
(Top) Elly, Celia, Alissa, and I
(Bottom) Layne, Anna, and Hannah

Also, I've been getting my novel completed and after hardcore writing, I didn't feel like posting anything.  :P One of the winner goodies from NaNo was a code to get a free hardcover copy of your draft and it expired today.  I am happy to say that I finished my draft in time! I made a cover for it and ordered a copy of it yesterday.

Also, on Tuesday I got my braces off!!! I'm so excited! I can finally have gum and other snackies I otherwise couldn't have. Woo! I wasn't expecting to look the way I look without braces, although I didn't know what I was expecting in the first place, but I am sooo glad they are off! It's been 3 1/2 years!

Now unto the snowy pics. I didn't take as many photos as I usually do, but here they are:

Kitties exploring the porch.

I was trying to get a creative photo, but it was terribly hard and this was the best one that turned out. I had a coat, hat and gloves on still, but I had to take my boots off for the picture and I couldn't last more than 30 seconds standing there. My feet kept getting numb and I would run inside and jump around trying to warm them up. I had to go back three times to get this pic. xD

I had a mirror outside because I wanted to try and make it look like a portal or something with photoshop (I haven't gotten it to work yet) and I took a random picture, and I didn't even mean to, but it turned out well besides the fact that the flash popped up. 

Another mirror picture.

I love seeing the snow sparkle in the sunlight.

I had my mom pose her arm holding that snowball and my brother is suppose to look like he's about to get hit and is trying to defend himself.

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
Bye for now! 


  1. These are awesome pictures, Joy!

  2. I just think it's funny that all the American bloggers are posting photos of snow and us Aussies are just sitting inside sweltering with the air con on. :D