January 12, 2016

QOTW / Lately I've Been...

(Lately I've been, I've been losin' sleep...The title makes me want to break out into that song...)
Sorry for not posting in a while! Things have been quite busy over here.

On Thursday, my family and I drove off to Charlotte. My oldest brothers were going to be staying at UNC, Charlotte and would be getting their dorm on Sunday. My parents decided to have one last little family trip before my brothers leave. They took us to The Great Wolf Lodge for a day!

Yes, my younger brother used his GoPro at the water park. xD The footage is pretty cool!

The two Green and Yellow slides were definitely the best. The yellow one goes straight down for about 2 seconds (usually I don't like those, but this was real quick) and then it opened up and we rode up and down the sides. The green one, which is my favorite out of the two, twists and turns and goes pretty fast and it's just so fun! 

Saturday we explored a big mall and then Sunday came. We went to the grocery store and picked up some items. We helped them unpack and get organized from 1pm - 5pm. It was quite busy. I was sad as the realization hit me that we would be leaving soon without them.

Last pic of us siblings together before we left.

We left and headed home. It was hard, but it's easier now. We have all chatted together and they are doing well and liking their classes so that's good. :)

There was a beautiful sunset on the way home!

Now school has started back up again and so has the urgency of finishing my novel. Yeah, I still haven't finished my novel from NaNo...procrastination is my enemy. It's time for me to get hardcore about it. I'm glad that there isn't a lot I have to write still!

What have you been doing recently?


  1. Great Wolf Lodge is a lot of fun! The green slide is my favorite too! I tagged you for the Gratitude Tag over at my blog!

    1. Yes, it's great! :) Thanks Anna!