February 15, 2016

QOTW / Leadership Trip Story


I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day! :)

This past weekend, my youth group held a leadership trip for one day and night. It was amazing! We are all leaders because we lead ourselves and leading ourselves is the basic, yet hardest form of leadership. They taught about overcoming fears and insecurities as well.

Lots of people are more afraid of speaking in front of people than death. (Which would be me, because I DO NOT like being in the spotlight, unless other people are with me...) So, guess what our youth pastor had us do? He made all of us memorize a verse that we liked, then called us up in the front and say that verse to everyone. He had us do it several times and made us start over if we didn't speak loud enough or said "um" or stumbled through. He wanted us to get over our fear.

Then, he had us do it again, but this time say why we liked our verse. Thankfully I wasn't first so I could think about it. Well, I did know why I liked it, I just had to put it in words, if you know what I mean. xD (Oh, and my most recent favorite verse is "Who knows whether you have not been called to the kingdom for such a time as this?" - Esther 4:14)

I thought we were done after that, and I felt so relieved, but nope. He had us all stand in a line at the front and he called one of us at a time to step forward and say the same things again, but this time he and some other teachers asked about our verse and what some things mean. It was so scary because we didn't know what we we would be questioned. I love preparing and knowing what was gonna happen, but this time I didn't... My heart was thumping so hard and, ugh, I wanted to relax about it, but I couldn't. .-.

The funniest thing about this trip was that the boys seemed to talk more than the girls. Like, we talked and all, but the guys, man...

So, we had to be in our cabins by 12 at night (oh, and the guys area was right next to the girls area, it was just separated by a wall.) and the girls were ready and in bed trying to sleep at 12:30.
The guys, on the other hand, were playing cards as far as I could tell/hear. The walls were not soundproof at all. I could here them shuffling the cards and that's not very loud...The guys talked about random things, including my brother telling the story about how he got his braces caught on the carpet (that was hilarious) and another guy talking about how he hardly had any arm and leg hair...that was very...weird...(and he was embarrassed when we told him we heard that xD)

The guys talked and played games till around 2:00am and I did not get to sleep before they were quiet...which wasn't very quiet because someone had the loudest snore ever. I woke up at different times during the night, but oh well. It was annoying at that time, but now it's funny. :P

Overall, the trip was super fun with great teaching. :)

Btw, this christian song is sooo catchy: Into Your Arms - Capital Kings Just had to put that out there. xD