May 6, 2016

Life Update: Vacation!!

A couple weeks ago my family (except for my two older brothers 'cause they're in college ;( ) went on vacation to Florida! It was so fun and relaxing. The ocean was clear and the sand was like sugar. This was my favorite beach vacation! Then we went to Magic Kingdom for the last day. So anyway, here are pics:

They had the best shells here! We found this one, but found a little inhabitant living there.

We went air boating, which was super fun, and saw some alligators!

It's kinda hard to see, but here is a manatee!

We saw dolphins, but I couldn't get a good picture. It was so cool though!

Disney World!!

These mosaics were made all with little tiles!

My favorite part in this park was the light show at the end!

This was the best pic I got from the light parade.

It was a really fun trip with the fam. :) 
Now tonight, I am going to my first prom! Look out for that post! 
Thanks for reading!


  1. Great pictures! <3