June 28, 2016

How To Tell People What Your Book Is About

I've googled exactly what this post's title says. I hardly found anything.

Ugh, this is probably the most annoying part about writing a book (well...editing too). It's not that I'm annoyed with the people that ask me what my book is about; I'm annoyed with myself for not knowing what to say.
Yeah, me, the person who wrote the entire book, doesn't know what to say about it. And I think it's because, since I wrote everything, I know so much about it that my brain shuts down and I don't know what to say. There's so much info! 
You feel me?

This happened two weeks ago at my youth group:
We were supposed to get to know each other 'cause there were some new people and one of the questions for all of us to answer was, "What do we like to do?" 
I answered, "I like to write stories."
And our youth group leader turned to the others. "Did you know she wrote a story in one month." 
I kept in a groan because I knew what was coming...the dreaded question I've had to answer several times before...and failed.
"What's it about?"
I had a inward battle for a second. Gah, what do I say? I wrote the thing, I should know. But I don't want to talk for too long and take up all the time! What is my story even about anyway? "Um...a girl and a guy have to escape from a group..." Crap, what kind of an answer was that?

I was soooo embarrassed. Another fail that was added to my list.

I had a couple ideas on what to do, so I thought to share it with y'all and if you have other ideas, please comment below! I'd love to hear them!

My first idea was to write a tidbit of what my story was about and print them business card size. Then I could just hand them out when they ask. The only problem is that you'd have to carry them everywhere, just in case someone asks, and if you forget to bring them and they do ask...uh oh.

My other idea was to write a bit of what my story is about (not necessarily the synopsis) and memorize that. When people ask, I'll be prepared! Yay! :P

My story as an example to the second idea:

A noble girl, Farryn, gets kidnapped by the Wolfe group and she feels betrayed by her friend, Emerson. Years later, she escapes, but runs into Emerson, who was trying to find her. She doesn't want his help, but they have to work together to escape the group. They find out that the group is planning on killing Farryn's parents. Now Farryn and Emerson have to stay hidden and get ahead of the group to warn her parents. There's several fights, betrayals, and deaths. MUHAHAHA 

(okay, I'd leave out the maniacal laughing...)

So, I made sure to have the two main characters and the main plot. I didn't add too many details because that would be a lot to say. I also added the last sentence, so people would question my characters. (Who betrays who? Who dies? Ect...) And of course, you can spruce it up any way you want. I may spruce that part up a bit more, myself.

Thanks for reading! Are you writing a book or have a book done? Comment below!



  2. I'm writing a book too! Here's the trailer which summarises it far better than I ever could

    1. Awesome!! Sounds like a good story! :)