May 30, 2016

Blog Birthday!!

Yesss!! Today is my blog's 2nd birthday!!! 
It's amazing how much I've done in 2 years and you guys helped with that! Thanks for following my blog and reading my posts! :) <3

So what shall I jumble together for this awesome day...?

Oh, oh, oh...I'll post a snippet from the book I'm editing that you've heard so much about and I'll put in some random blog posts Ive written for y'all to check out. :)

Here is the snippet:

     The door opened and in walked two bandits followed by a figure dressed in a black cloak. The hood was up, but he stared intensely at her with eyes that reminded her of chipped ice. She backed against the wall and stared, cocking an eyebrow and raised a corner of her mouth askew. She couldn’t show the fear she felt crushing her on the inside. The guards backed against the wall near the door and the cloaked man paced in front of her.
     “Aren’t you bold?” His voice was muffled due to the black cover over his mouth and nose. He raised an eyebrow of his own. “Challenging me, aye?” He lifted her chin with his finger. Farryn wanted to spit in his face, but that probably wouldn’t help. Her frown returned and he went back to pacing.
     “Who are you?” She said.
     “I lead this nefarious group you have come to love. The Wolfe. You can call me Captain.” So this is the guy she wanted to hurt so badly. “And you…the great Lady Farryn Riller,” Farryn flinched. Not once had someone said her title here, “or perhaps I should say, once great. No, no,” He waved his hand,  “you were never great. But I have to say, I am quite surprised by your behavior. Kicking down the wood in your cell, actually daring an escape, bravo!” He clapped twice, then stopped in front of her and took her hand. “Poor you. Getting cuts on your soft, noble hand. Shame.” He turned around and she lowered her eyes.
     “You dare insult me with who I used to be!” She stepped forward stabbing a finger at him. He grabbed her wrist and jerking her forward.
     “You think I care about throwing insults?” He slapped her across the face. She grabbed her stinging face and turned back towards him, eyes flaming. He continued, “You must be proud of yourself, getting promoted to a better room. We had to move all the furniture out, but I guess someone forgot the side-table,” He turned to the guards, “but no matter.” He kept his eyes on her, as if stalking before an attack. “You almost lost us, Farryn. Almost. But we found our lost sheep and brought her home.” He laughed and Farryn charged at him. He parried and slapped her again. She recovered and came at him again, grabbing his cloak. The hood fell and she saw his wavy midnight black hair, overlapping his ears. He punched her in the gut and she went sprawling to the ground, clutching her stomach. “Feisty, one.” He leaned over her. “I hope you learn from your mistakes and don’t try to escape again,” He pulled out a dagger and pointed it at her throat, “There will be worse consequences.” He started walking out and Farryn tried once more, standing up. She punched him in the cheek, a direct hit, but he swung around and sliced her temple before she could step back. She cried out, laying a hand on the cut. “Tsk, tsk, better watch out, Farryn.” He shook his head and left the room followed by the guards.

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If you'd like to see other posts, go under my Explore More tab. :)

And now I must depart. Hope everyone has a good Memorial day! 
Thank you to all who have served to protect us. <3

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