July 12, 2016

Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello peeps!
I decided to try something different and post a makeup tutorial, specifically for eyes, hence the title. Now, I'm not a makeup professional, so yeah, this is just how I do it. :P
(sorry for a little bit of blurriness on the photos! I didn't realize until just now. :/ )

All you need is eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara!

1. Pick out a light shade of eyeshadow and brush it over your whole eyelid up to your eyebrow

2. Pick a darker shade and brush it over your eyelid a little over the crease
If you dampen your brush, you get a deeper/more solid look of that color. I do that for this part and it really makes the gold pop!

3: Eyeliner time! I'm using a brown pencil eyeliner. Start in the middle and work your way to the corner.

It's easier if you gently pull your skin (ew, that sounds gross xD) up.

Next, finish the eyeliner by returning it to the middle and drawing it close to the inner corner.

4: Now, draw the eyeliner under your eye, a little less than half-way, and do the same thing at the corner, connecting both eyeliner marks.

If you mess up doing the eyeliner, you can dampen a q-tip, put a little soap on it, and wipe it where the mess up is! I've had to do that several times before, and I even did it once while working on this tutorial. :P

5: Now time for mascara!

 Just brush it over your eyelashes and a little bit under your eye, just where the eyeliner is.

6: To finish off, wipe under your eyes to clean off the excess eyeshadow.

Add a cute outfit and whatever other makeup you want (lipstick, blush...) 

And that concludes this makeup tutorial!


  1. It looks great! I really like that eyeshadow palette. :)

    ~Lydia~ <3